East Village Green
Location: San Diego, CA
Status: Design
Landscape Architects: OJB Landscape Architects
Project Overview: Located on a 4.1-acre site in the heart of San Diego’s growing East Village neighborhood, East Village Green is anticipated to be a highly programmed urban park that will include with a wide range of public amenities identified through a series of public workshops led by OJB Landscape Architecture. Currently an industrial neighborhood in transition, the East Village is anticipated to evolve over the next decade to a mixed-use community of nearly 30,000 residents. This new urban park will be the signature open space for the neighborhood and is envisioned as the hub of community activity. The City of San Diego invited Reigelman to create a monumental visual experience within the OJB designed landscape, which would also influence the wayfinding and graphic identity of the park.
Expected Completion: 2022