The Reading Nest is inspired by mythical objects and creatures of knowledge. For centuries, objects in nature have been associated with knowledge and wisdom. Trees of enlightenment and scholarly owls have been particularly prominent in this history of mythological objects of knowledge. The Reading Nest acts as a visual intermediary between forest and fowl. It symbolizes growth, community and knowledge while continuing to embody these mythical roots. The Reading Nest was created with over 10,000 discarded wood boards found throughout Cleveland. Using materials that have been obtained from various Cleveland industrial and manufacturing sources. This collection process reinforces the notion of community and highlights the Cleveland Public Library as a resource for everyone. The nest is colored in hues of gold, inspired by the legendary Griffin. This king of beasts, with the rear body of a lion and the head of wings of an eagle, is said to have made its nest of pure gold which it then had to protect ferociously. The Griffin is regularly seen sculpted from stone and standing guard at the entrances of civic buildings including The Cleveland Public Library.