Stair Squares was an interactive public installation that was inspired by the use of stairs as impromptu seating for the people of New York. After much documentation, Mark Reigelman became fascinated with the unique qualities of steps, particularly the interactions that took place upon them. Research of step sitting led Mark to the Brooklyn Borough Hall, where these qualities were magnified. The daily congregation and accompanied activities became the foundation of the conceptual development of Stair Squares. These objects created a place to set the classic New York hot dog purchased from the vendor at the bottom of the stairs or become a table for two watching the people on the street below. Although these pieces of furniture will be most functional during the day, when evening falls they highlight the steps with color, reminding the city of tomorrow's interactions. Stair Squares are simple in form, site specific in terms of dimensions an color, and most importantly they are an interactive installation containing aspects of fine art and design.